Why 99U?​

At Immanuel, we don’t want college-aged students to wait until they’re “adults” before they can make a Kingdom impact—We Believe God Wants to Use You Today to Reach Your Campus!

Where will you gather?

We aim to spread to collegiate towns

We want to spread to collegiate towns with where a real impact can be made.

To start a campus where we haven’t expanded yet, let us know!

Start a 99U on your campus

Kentucky has 52 Universities and Colleges.  We need your help!


Join a Life Group

Life happens in community. Your LifeGroup will help you grow in your walk with Christ, and find 2 AM friends you can call when trouble comes.

How to get involved with 99U

Mission Trip

Don’t wait until you’ve graduated to make a difference in the world. Go share the Gospel all over the world with other college students.


If you’re interested in full-time ministry, or want to learn more about how to live on mission, apply for Impact, our 6-week collegiate internship experience.Take a risk. Have a blast. Make an Impact!


18-24 year olds from each Immanuel Campus gather together in Gatlinburg, TN each year to take deeper steps with Jesus. This discipleship conference if full of friendship, high-energy, great coffee, and excellent Bible teaching! You’ll talk about Conclave the rest of the year.