Immanuel exists to help people connect to God, to Others, and to a Mission
— Allen Bonnell, Lead Pastor


On Sunday mornings, we realign ourselves with the mission that Jesus gave His Church before He left this earth. We study the Scriptures and learn the Truth of Jesus so we can live out the Ways of Jesus throughout the week.

Connect To Others

The call of community isn’t about finding people just like us, or excluding those who aren’t. Community, in the Biblical sense, is the result of unlike people committing to love and to serve one another… and the world.


Mission represents God’s invitation to every follower of Christ to participate in His redemptive work in all aspects of life. Living on mission helps us to realize that it’s not all about us.


  • His Word > Our Experiences

  • His Grace > Our Past

  • Your Next Step > Staying Where You Are

  • Authentic Community > Independent Living

  • Spiritual Contributor > Spiritual Consumer

  • His Calling > Our Comfort

  • Sacrificial Living > Playing It Safe