Excuse me, my name is Allen. We are a youth group here from Kentucky and we are taking a July 4th spiritual survey.
Do you have a minute to answer a couple of short questions?

If they say no, thank them anyway. “Worst persecution you will have in the US is “no thanks”.” - Tim Bargo

(If yes, others are praying while one is sharing)

1.) What is celebrated on July 4th?
(Independence, Freedom, etc.)

2.) Who did we get independence/freedom from?
(England / Great Britain)

3.) What is your favorite event to participate in on July 4th?

4.) One area that our independence brought us was freedom of religion. 
On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate our spiritual freedom today in the US?

5.) What is your spiritual background? Did you grow up in church?

6.) Can I take a minute and share with you how I got my independence?