Saturday, February 20:
7:00am - Wakeup
8:00am - Quiet Time
8:15am - Breakfast in Host Homes
8:45am - Depart for Conference
9:00am - Large Group Session 2
10:30am - Small Group Session 2
11:30am - Depart for Lunch
12:45pm - Depart for Conference
1:00pm - Large Group Session 3
2:15pm - Scavenger Hunt Info Session
2:30pm - Scavenger Hunt
4:30pm - Return to Conference
4:35pm - Depart for Host Homes
5:00pm - Dinner in Host Homes
6:30pm - Small Group Session 3
11:00pm - Lights Out


Friday, February 19:
6:00pm - Registration at Home Church
7:00pm - Large Group Session 1
8:15pm - Depart for Host Homes
9:00pm - Small Group Session 1
10:00pm - Hangout Time
11:00pm - Lights Out

Sunday, February 21:
7:00am - Wakeup
8:00am - Quiet Time
8:30am - Breakfast in Host Homes
8:45am - Depart for Church (Wear Shirt)
9:15am - Arrive at Church
9:15am - Small Group Session 4
10:30am - Attend Church Worship
12:00pm - Students Return Home

Dear Parents,

As you know, our event is just around the corner. I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on our theme for this year and also to ask you to begin to pray for us as we head into this meaningful time in the life of our youth ministry.

Too often, we communicate a version of Christianity without trials, persecution, or problems. Teenagers are told that following Christ is the most important decision in their lives. And in faith, they trust Christ. Instead of being told “all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Tim. 3:12), many assume that everything in their world will be fixed. Except that doesn’t happen. And so many of our students question the love of Jesus and His plan for their lives. Why? Because what loving God would allow His children to face trials and persecution?

The only issue is that God’s love for His people can’t be viewed through what happens to us, but instead of what happened to Him. The measurement of God’s love for us starts on the cross, not in the trying circumstances we find ourselves in.

The study we’re going to be working through is called RELENTLESS: Pursuing Christ At All Costs. This study will help our teenagers begin to lay the foundation of a relentless faith that doesn’t wither in the face of hard times or persecution.

Relentless uses four key phrases to help your students boldly face the world: Praise, Personal-Evangelism, Prayer, and Persecution.

Studies show that you are the most influential force in your child’s life as it pertains to shaping his or her spiritual identity. My goal in these updates is to equip you to help continue and build on the process we will have started during our event.

Please be praying for our ministry, your child, and your child’s friends as we challenge them with this relevant, timely message from the Bible.