We recognize that children are a gift from God and we take time to publicly thank Him for the child He has given us.  This is a great testimony of the value God puts on family and gives the proper perspective to a cultural misconception that children are a burden or a barrier to personal success.

It is an opportunity for parents to profess their intention to raise their child in a home that follows Jesus.  This declaration is a covenant with God; in which parents commit to following Biblical principles and as Proverbs says, to “Train up a child in the way he should go.”  A public declaration before fellow believers serves as a reminder to all, that you are to be held accountable for your example to this child.

Parents acknowledge the sovereignty of God and their reliance on His work in their lives as well as the life of the child.  One thing that is certain about parenthood is that there will be questions that mom and dad can’t answer; decisions that will be stressful and overwhelming, and while we can turn to friends and relatives for advice, ultimately it is God who grants grace and wisdom.

We publicly express our desire for this child to come to a saving faith in Christ.  While we know we can’t save our children, we can still petition God in prayer for their salvation, and ask Him to use us to be instrumental in this process.

In participating in a ceremony before their church family, parents are also acknowledging that their family is a part of an authentic, biblical community. This is a reminder to all that we are all members of one body and therefore responsible to be an example of Christ to even the youngest members.