Yesterday I mentioned that we fast because it is commanded, practiced, and expected by Jesus in the New Testament. Christians fast because it is a physical representation of our spiritual hunger and longing for the return of Christ. We fast because we are mourning over the sin of the world, our community, and maybe even our own life. Not as a punishment or self-infliction because of our sin, but because we are longing for the return of Christ when sin and death will be no more. That is the base for our reason for fasting. On top of that base, Christians have other various purposes that they may be fasting for. Before we begin this fast as a church family it is important to ask yourself why you are fasting. Below are listed some suggestions, to get you started:

  • Stronger Prayer life

  • Seeking the Lord's Guidance

  • Deliverance from Personal Sin Struggles (yourself and/or others)

  • Repentance

  • People and loved ones

  • Humility

  • The Church

  • Ministry - Yours or the Ministry of the Church

  • Fight Temptation

  • Worship

Practical Tip: Identify at least 7 reasons why you are personally fasting, and write them on an index card, keep that card with you at all times during the fast. When you feel hungry throughout the day pray for one of those reasons. It would be helpful to commit yourself to one reason per day.

- Tanner Williams