January 3rd after lunch we will begin a corporate 21 day Daniel fast. It isn’t original to our church, but we do put our spin on it. We will break the fast at lunch on January 24th.  A Daniel fast is taken from Daniel 1 and 10. I am sure our fast looks different than Daniel’s fast because the Bible doesn’t give us all the details. During these 21 days we don’t eat processed food or anything that comes from animals. So you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. We will provide a list of recipes and veterans will be eager to help you out.

You might be wondering why we, as Christians, fast. In Matthew 6:16, Jesus clearly thought we would when he gave directions on fasting, “when you fast…”. The early church as recorded in Acts often fasted before important decisions.

The focus in fasting is not the food, but to take our focus off the things of this world. We redirect our attention to God and gain a deeper fellowship with God.  Fasting is not getting God to do what we want, it is a process of submitting to what God wants; fasting changes us, not God.

There are several websites and books that you can refer to, I've listed a few below.


In Christ, 

Pastor Allen