I don’t eat cans of Vienna sausages with saltine crackers very often, but when I do, I’m in a bass boat.


My family and I used to have a Christmas tradition of fishing out on Lake Kissimmee for large mouth bass. These were incredible moments filled with hearing and sharing stories of the past, catching the big one, and falling asleep out there without a care in the world.


I used to not be that big into fishing for a couple of reasons. First, the competition out there on the water was tough. It stinks when your sister pulls in 10 compared to your two. Second, fishing just didn’t peak my interest at times. Staring at an orange bobber for a couple of hours without a bite can make someone want to take a long, long nap, and finally wake up at the house. Third, eating Vienna sausages is not like eating Papa John’s Pizza. But, what I learned out there with my dad, was that it wasn’t as much about fishing as I thought. Yes, we loved the fight of pulling and reeling, and reeling and pulling in the monster. But, the best thing was being with my dad. And as I spent time with him my perspective of the whole fishing experience changed as well.


I don’t always enjoy eating off a vegetable tray and there are times when I’m not up for sharing my faith. During the Daniel Fast, I’ve neglected eating certain foods like gummy bears and pizza and spent time with the Lord. He’s changed my perspective. When I spend time with God and He is noticed as a Friend, it’s intimate. When God is noticed as my Refuge in the storm, it’s comforting. When God is noticed as my Prize, it’s rewarding. When He is noticed as my Light, it’s revealing. When He is noticed as my Savior, it’s relieving. When He is noticed as my King, it’s hope giving. When He is noticed as my Missionary who won me over, it’s exciting.


As a result of seeing Him clearly, He helps us see others clearly.


Instead of seeing the sharing of our faith with a stranger as a rude interruption, He helps us see it as a rescue mission that results in fueling an individual’s purpose and drive forever. Rather than the sharing of the gospel being a business deal of twisting someone’s arm to surrender, it becomes seeing a relationship with Jesus as a treasure in a field that anyone in their right mind would do whatever it takes to obtain. The sharing of our faith becomes less of a have to, and more of a get to. The sharing of our faith spills over from our delight in being with Jesus to where we long for everyone else to know Him too. The sharing of our faith goes from pressure and anxiety for us to personally win someone to the Lord to an adventure that’s exhilarating, where we get to see Jesus bring people to Himself through His message coming from our lips.


People in Walmart are no longer just in the way of our purpose being there. No, they are our purpose. The person in the car right next to us, is not just a part of the scenery. People at the cash register are not just there to do their job quickly to make me happy. No, these people have been placed here on purpose.


Some of us have written Waldo (those near to us but far from God) names on walls within the worship center. Some of us have written them within a journal. And some of us, God has written their names on our minds and we just can’t stop thinking of them. Why would that be? Our perspective has changed.


Jesus is going after them. He’s expecting you to follow Him?


I don’t always fast, but when I do, God changes my perspective of Him and in turn, people (2 Corinthians 5:16). The Lord is helping me see individuals aren’t just scenery, nor machinery, but rather ministry.


While you fast and make certain sacrifices throughout the next couple weeks, spend more time with Jesus. You’ll see He’s already going after your Waldo and that guy at the gas station too. Share the gospel and watch Jesus bring these folks into the boat.


On Wednesday evening, January 23rd at 6:30 at the Corbin Campus there will be a Waldo Workshop where those who desire to learn how to better share their faith will be trained how to reach those close to them but far from God. If interested sign up here:

 Here are a couple other resources that can help you do just that: