1. Is it too late to start the fast?

No, you can start at any point.

2. What about my children, should they fast?

Your children, as usual, will surprise you. Talk to them, ask them what they would like to fast. It could be they should do a partial fast. When are kids were younger, we would cook chicken for them so they got adequate amounts of protein. They might fast their electronic devices. Allow the Lord to work in your child's life through the fast. Don't short them this opportunity.

3. What about me; can I do a partial fast?

Certainly, the goal is for us all to do the Daniel fast, but for different reasons you may not be able to. In those cases you could fast facebook for 21 days, TV, certain foods. There are unlimited ways. The important part over the next week and half is to have extra time in God's Word, common prayer together through the prayer guide, attend a life group, participate in the special prayer emphasis the final week of the fast, pray for your Waldo, be generous, live on mission.

4. Why do we fast anyway?

To get closer to God and because God expects us to fast. There are things that can be accomplished through fasting that would not otherwise.

5. How do I avoid giving in and eating things we are committing to abstain from?

Pray…each decision about what to eat or not eat or whether or not to drink coffee is an opportunity for prayer. Immediately acknowledge, “Lord, I’d really love to eat this, but I’m temporarily giving it up because I love you more.” Ask Him to be with you in that moment.

6. What if I do give in?

Just be honest about it in prayer and continue fasting. The point is drawing closer to Jesus. Take the risk of being real with Him about the struggles you face fasting and you’ll experience new realities of His love & grace.