Daily Prayer Guide for Amazon Basin Mission Team
Friday, May 26

Pray for the riverfront community of Santa Quitéria. This Quilombola village has 75-80 homes and is close to several other villages also without evangelical churches. Several spiritual barriers exist to the advance of the Gospel here. Historically, the people’s worldview has been a complicated mixture of rainforest legends, Macumba (a syncretistic belief system resulting from west African religions being mixed with folk Catholicism), & folk Catholicism. Pray that the light of the Gospel will overcome the confusion of darkness. Pray that God will open their eyes (2 Cor. 4:4).

The team will be making more home visits today, sharing their personal stories, and teaching Bible studies. Pray that the Holy Spirit will overcome language & cultural barriers as God’s Word is shared.

The team will also be conducting children’s ministry today. Parents are always present…often participating in songs & crafts! Pray for great family fun & interactions.

The ministry in Santa Quitéria culminates tonight in a community worship service. Pray for spiritual decisions.